Brain Health Awareness Month 2024

Kristy Andrews

Kristy Andrews

With a career enriched by over two decades of steadfast support for a diverse brand portfolio under a single parent organization, Kristy Andrews, holding a BS in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications from East Carolina University, has emerged as a pivotal figure in both the marketing and non-profit sectors. Although her 15+ years of expertise are rooted in marketing, outreach, social media management, and website design, Kristy has, since 2021, seamlessly integrated her skills with a newfound, heartfelt mission to serve veterans.

In 2021, Kristy pivoted towards a profoundly personal cause: veteran care. As the Director of Marketing for Extivita-RTP from 2021-2023, she not only spearheaded key marketing initiatives but also served as a Veteran Treatment Coordinator, focusing on coordinating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatment for veterans, thus marrying her passion for marketing with her love for those who have and are serving this great nation.

In 2023, Kristy embraced a fresh challenge, transitioning to the role of Development Manager for HBOT4HEROES, a young 501c3 non-profit organization, supporting veterans to receive free HBOT treatment at Extivita-RTP in Durham, NC. Kristy is unwaveringly dedicated to restoring the brain health of American heroes through HBOT, providing a sanctuary of healing and hope for veterans grappling with the debilitating symptoms of TBIs and PTSD.

Kristy is not merely the first employee of HBOT4HEROES; she is a genuine advocate, a beacon of support, and a leader humbled to contribute to a mission that seeks to halt veteran suicide and promote natural healing. Her unwavering commitment coupled with her leadership positions her as a pivotal player in the non-profit sector for veterans, ensuring that the life-saving therapy provided by HBOT4HEROES is accessible to countless deserving heroes.