Brain Health Awareness Month 2024

Lisa Speidel

Lisa Speidel

Meet Lisa Speidel, a force to be reckoned with in both the world of education and in the journey of her remarkable son, Josh Speidel. With a resume that shines as brightly as her unwavering spirit, Lisa is not just your average elementary school principal; she’s a beacon of hope and resilience. She and her husband live in Columbus, Indiana and have 3 children. Josh is their middle son.

Armed with a Masters Degree in Education from Oakland City University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Therapy from the prestigious University of Georgia, Lisa has dedicated over two decades to shaping the minds of future generations. Her passion for education extends beyond the classroom as she serves as a Board Member of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana, advocating for those who face similar challenges to her son.

Speaking of her son, Josh’s story is nothing short of extraordinary. A former high school basketball champion, standing tall at 6’7″ and receiving 16 NCAA offers, he seemed destined for greatness on the court until tragedy struck in the form of a devastating car accident. Josh was a standout player, averaging more than 28 points per game at Columbus High School in Columbus, Indiana prior to the accident. But from the depths of despair emerged a tale of triumph, fueled by the unyielding love and support of his family, community and new friends along the way, like Brigadier General Jim Bauerle, also pursuing recovery with medical-grade hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for U.S. military veterans suffering from brain injuries as a result of their service.

Through Lisa’s eyes, witness Josh’s awe-inspiring journey of resilience and redemption. From the darkest days of the accident, subsequent coma and 4 long months in the hospital; to the triumphant moments on the basketball court at the University of Vermont, Lisa and family stood by her son’s side and spent countless hours researching treatment.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive interview, where Lisa Speidel’s grace, intellect, and unwavering love will leave you inspired to never give up, never lose faith, and always keep working towards your dreams. You can watch a 4:30 minute video of her awe-inspiring son Josh’s story.